What Size Is a Standard Euro Pillow?

What Size Is a Standard Euro Pillow?

In addition to being fashionable, euro pillow size help keep us comfortable. There are two common types of European pillow. These are the back or central pillow and the side or lateral pillow.

The back and central euro pillow are the most common. It has a slant from the head of the pillow. It can be used on either side.

It is more often referred to as a memory pillow. It is comfortable for side sleepers because the central portion of the pillow has the firmest touch. It is firmer on one side than the other.

A side sleeper may find it uncomfortable. The lateral pillow is called a “corner pillow” because it curves from the head of the pillow. It resembles a corner sofa because it covers the whole side of the head. For side sleepers, this pillow is more comfortable than the back or central pillow.

With the back and central pillows, it is possible to add pillows between the bed and the head to provide some coverage for the head and neck. However, a euro pillow can’t do that. You can add pillows between the head and the mattress but not between the head and the side of the mattress. This is because euro pillows have a peak at the top.

The height of the side sleeper will vary according to the individual. Some side sleepers don’t have a high enough neck to reach the neck of the pillow. Other side sleepers have larger necks so that the entire pillow is in contact with the back. This can make the side sleeper uncomfortable.


The mattress for the side sleeper should have adequate support. The pillow will need to be firm but not hard. The pillows shouldn’t be too low or too high, because they can create the feeling of having too much or too little body support.

Most mattresses have elastic along the sides. If this is not the case with your mattress, you may want to consider an all-firm mattress cover. This way, you can adjust the overall firmness of the mattress according to the needs of the side sleeper.

A euro pillow isn’t necessarily the right choice for everyone. It depends on the person’s comfort level, comfort and support needs, and the amount of privacy for the side sleeper desires.

This is a common practice among some mattress makers. In fact, some companies offer several sizes of euro pillow. Their euro size pillow is a popular choice for many people.

If you are not a large sleeper, a euro size pillow may not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a big sleeper and there is more than enough body support, a side sleeper may work well for you.

The length of the side sleeper will depend on the individual. Depending on their comfort level, comfort and support needs, and the amount of privacy for the side sleeper desires, the side sleeper can choose a euro size pillow or just the standard pillow.

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