How to Hump a Pillow For Girls and Guys

Knowing how to hump a pillow step by step for men and how to hump a pillow for girls is the best way to start. In the past, women didn’t feel comfortable just to go up to a man and ask him to hump his pillow. Men were considered too innocent at that time to make that request.

But times have changed and women now can easily ask their guy to do the same thing. When it comes to the procedure of how to hump a pillow for girls, all you need to do is make a suggestion and watch him being pushed to do the same. You can easily introduce your man to the process when he starts talking about how his day went.

When a girl asks her guy to hump her pillow, she’ll be doing it for one of two reasons. First, she’ll want him to look after his back. In fact, guys are usually the ones who leave a little bit of space between their legs and their back so that they won’t hurt themselves from sitting for too long.

However, if you’re asking him to hump a pillow for you, then you should explain it to him like this. You can say that it feels good when you sit on him. The feeling of someone sitting on you while you sit on them, even when you’re not even sitting on your knees, will give you more pleasure.

However, you should also keep in mind that there’s still one important rule when it comes to how to hump a pillow for guys. You should never make it as a game. If you do, you will only turn your man off.

So, how can you make this simple suggestion in how to hump a pillow for girls work? You can simply show him that it would be easy for him to perform the act.

Tell him to sit on the edge of your bed. Then, while facing each other, you can hug one another close and kiss. The kissing and hugging act will help you build some feelings of trust between you.

You can also tell him that you’ve been waiting for him to start the process. Then, while he’s still kissing you, you can easily put your hand under his pants and rub his penis with his hands. You can do this until he starts to get erect.

Once he starts to get hard, then you can tell him to take you up to the head of his bed and show you how to hump a pillow for guys. This would enable him to tell you everything that you need to know.

He would also be able to use this experience in order to get you to take a shower together. It will be easier for him to tell you what he wants to do to you if he can see you start to get wet from all of the foreplay.

Of course, this wouldn’t be all that easy if you’re not in love with the guy. However, you can take advantage of this and let your guy sees the love that you two share.

But if you aren’t in love, then you will still be able to take advantage of how to hump a pillow for girls. You can just take turns making your man feel good.

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